SysAdmin / Streamer / Writer

I’m a Trinidadian born 28 year old male that lives just outside of Toronto, Canada. I’ve worked in IT for over 10 years and am an avid gamer. Here is where i’ll post things when i’m not able to stream.

“A wise man fears three things, the sea in storm, a moonless night and the anger of a gentle man.” – Patrick Rothfuss, The wise man’s fear


I’m a variety streamer that plays a large assortment of games. Stop by and say Hi!

We don’t bite…hard…



If I have any awesome adventures i’ll write about them! I also try to write for fun so i’ll post that too (if its good) 

Latest Ramblings

Data entry 160814

Data entry 160814-1 After stumbling upon and outpost and using the high power up-link, I was able to finally make...

Data entry 160812

Data entry 160812-1 I awoke crash landed on this eerie green planet. A quick systems check showed that my flight...

The wizards path

The wizards path Is long and dark Alone and knowing In his heart And though lives And though he reads...

As darkness looms all around

As darkness looms all around I stand here on crumbling ground Little by little the edge grows near Falling now...

The more we talk

The more we talk The deeper i fall How can I explain This feeling at all Closer & closer To...

I find myself thinking of you

I find myself thinking of you More & more, through and through Thinking of your eyes Slowly, I start to...

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