The Fight of the Spider Beast

After besting the ferocious griffon and slaying any and all other manners of evil that was plaguing White Orchard. I decided it was time to move on, after a few days ride I arrived in the vast and beautiful Northern Realms.

Feeling a bit thirsty I head to the nearest town, on the way to the tavern I stopped by the towns message board there was the usual things like some drowners disrupting the port, or a nearby village is having problems with their well, but one message caught my eye. There was someone’s brother missing, being that I was looking for someone myself, I figured I’d give them a hand.

I stopped by the tavern had a few drinks and checked to see if anyone had information about the missing brother. After a few rude remarks and a quick Axii spell, I got the name of the guy who’s brother was missing, so off I went to go see him.

He said that his brother was helping a group of women get away from the invading army and that they went to the nearby cave system, he said it’s been a few days now and he’s not heard a peep. I was going to tell him that Witchers don’t work for free but, he cut me off and said I would be generously rewarded for helping him out…good enough for me I thought.

As I arrived at the cave I didn’t notice anything really out of the ordinary, I could hear some creatures moving around inside but I could not see anything, I lit my torch and proceeded to search the cave, one room at a time. The first few areas were mostly empty, a few boxes with some random junk in it, which I proceeded to take to sell later. The next few areas had some more boxes of junk, and that’s when I saw the first couple bodies, 2 of them, women by the remaining shreds of clothing. I continued on, I could still hear things moving deeper in the cave system but all the twists in the path and the fact that noise travels for what seems like forever in there it was hard to tell what it was and where it was coming from.

As I proceeded to wind my way through the cave system I came upon a ladder that I promptly took upwards, there was nowhere else for me to go but up. At the top of the ladder there was a small wooden platform that seemly went nowhere. As I searched around the area above I found a lever, naturally I pulled it. Upon doing so, it lowered a bridge to the mouth of the cave in front of me, after searching down in those caves for over an hour all I found was a bit of junk and two female bodies, that couldn’t be it there had to be more to this cave system. I left the cave and took a quick rest at the entrance, there had to be something I was missing.

As I took the ramp back down into the cave I noticed the wall in front of me was now open, pulling that lever must have opened up the path. At the end of that hallway was a large pool of water, there was only one way to go…down.

After crossing the underwater passage I came upon a large room, to my surprise I found a woman alive in there. She was really shaken up, she said that there’s monsters in the cave and it took all the others. I escorted her close to the exit then continued my search for the others.
As I went back to the room where I found her I found a path leading away, deeper into the cave. The noises were much louder now, scratching and clicking, it sounded like it was coming from all around me. I put away my torch and popped a cat potion, the dark cave lit up in my eyes as if it were day time, I didn’t want my torch to give me away to anything that might be hiding up ahead.

As I rounded the corner, that’s when I saw the first monster, a giant spider, it looks like it recently hatched from one of the eggs lining the walls. I dispatched this beast as quickly as I could, I needed to deal with these eggs before the rest of them hatched and I had a real problem on my hands. After a few quick blasts of Igni, all of the eggs were gone burned away with my magic. I had to keep looking, where there’s kids there’s parents.

As I proceeded deeper down the pathways, the scratching and clicking getting louder and more intense, I came to a drop in the ground, a hole maybe 8 feet down into another chamber. It was time to end this once and for all. As I jumped down, rolling as I landed, that’s when I saw it, a really giant size spider, easily 3 times my height. I quickly casted my Quen shield and started attacking, my sword seeming to do nothing to this great beast. I rolled away and hit with my Igni fire spell, that worked on the small ones, to my horror that seemed to have almost no effect either. I roll again, it was getting harder and harder to dodge this massive beast. The confines of the cave limiting my ability to maneuver, with one fell swoop of its leg I was dead.

I reloaded my save and tried again, and again, and again. After the 10th time, I had given up hope, trying to do a level 33 quest at level 5 might have been a bad idea. I had to reload my save from the start of the quest, 3hrs prior.

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