Data entry 160812

Data entry 160812-1

I awoke crash landed on this eerie green planet. A quick systems check showed that my flight systems were severely damaged and inoperable. As I got out of the ship I took a quick photo of the area using my suits built in camera.


Unfortunately upon further inspection, my suit scanners were also offline. It appears that when we crashed the system designated this planet “Rebyfishvemurd-Rawuk” I don’t even know how-to say that.

I’m going to see if I can find anything useful on the surface to hopefully get my suit systems and ship functional again.

Data entry 160812-2

After exploring the surface of the planet, the planet appears to suffer from extremely high levels of toxicity, luckily, the planet also appears to have quite an abundance of naturally occurring material that I can break down to use for my ship repairs & suit repairs. I’m constantly finding that I need items to power my suit so that I don’t succumb to the toxicity of the surface.
All organic life forms that have been encountered so far have been non-hostile. There has however been what appears to be other robots flying around the planet, i’m not sure how they got here or if i’m the first to arrive on this strange world…
I was finally able to repair my ship and using it as a quick scouting vessel I came up a very large structure, upon closer inspection it appears to be an automated trading post.


I updated the planet name in my ship’s computer to something I can say and also as a tribute to my comrades who were to set off on this journey of exploration with me. I’m not sure what became of them, I don’t even know where in the universe I ended up…i just hope they’re all alright.

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