Data entry 160814

Data entry 160814-1

After stumbling upon and outpost and using the high power up-link, I was able to finally make contact with my friends. It seems that they are okay but we all got scattered, I’m not sure how far away they are exactly, but linking back up, at least for now, doesn’t seem feasible.


Upon further exploration, though the planet is highly toxic the world does have some very beautiful and interesting sights. There was one particularly large spire of raw aluminum that didn’t seem to degrade with the toxic rain.


There has been a number of alien species that I’ve encountered, for the most part I’m unable to understand them but by discovering some of their relics I’m slowly starting to piece together the language, there has been a few different type of relic variations but the one that has been most interesting so far has to be the one below.



Data entry 160814-2

The nighttime sky on this planet is quite remarkable, while the days seem very long the view at night is worth the wait.


The one advantage of the night is that it does make it a little easier to find the relics, they emit a very strange glow as if they’re calling out to me to find them.


As my exploration continues the vegetation on the planet seems to vary wildly in density and size, while there is a lot of areas of very sparse density I did come across an area that was a little scary but rather beautiful. I’m going to try to get some sleep in the ship now, wandering around all day and through most of the night has left me beat.


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